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Considering Going “Virtual”?

It may be time to consider “going virtual” – that is offering your services via video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings… Whether “social distancing” during a pandemic, or just simply cutting down on mobilization…, if you are thinking about offering your services via video, I’d like to invite you to consider “Zoom”(note, this is a and an affiliate link) as the platform of your choice. Here is why:

It’s a stable platform that provides high-quality video and sound for all participants. Unlike other apps, Zoom has consistently provided an enjoyable experience for all users, regardless of where in the world they participated from.

It works well on all internet-connected video-and-voice-enabled devices. Call and video-participants can use their cell phone, tablet, laptop of PC to join in – as long as the device has internet access and has a camera and microphone.

With their free product, you can have one-on-one, unrestricted-length meetings. If you want to explore what it would be like to use Zoom, this may be a good starting point.

The basic subscription, at only $15 per month (even less if you pay for the full year), offers a great number of variables you can use to suit your needs. Zoom offers many options – too many to list here, although highlights include recording your calls, screen sharing, unique meeting IDs, registration pages and subsequent notification emails to registrants, unique meeting IDs, and so much more. It’s really mind-boggling, so check it out.

Zoom offers fast and responsive support – should you need it. I admit, there have been a couple of times where I couldn’t find what I was looking for in their online help section, so I opted for online chat. Both times my issues were addressed and resolved quickly, and I found the experiences rather pleasant.

Zoom is the video vendor of choice for a couple of global conferences with hundreds, if not thousands of participants simultaneously. This also gives me even more confidence in this platform, since others also think it’s a smart choice.

I’ve been using Zoom for a few years now. I started out with the free version, but within a week saw the potential and subscribed to the Pro Plan. You can probably tell, I’m pretty pleased with the platform, but more importantly, so are my clients. And that makes me happy.

If you are considering offering your clients the option of video-based conferencing and you have any questions about Zoom, please feel free to reach out to me, if I can answer any questions.