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Webinars on-demand – or recorded content that your audience gets to consume when they’re ready – makes both yours and their lives easier. And WebinarKit is just the right tool at just the right price to get it done.

Besides the low cost (especially compared with other apps out there), some of the included features that were important to me:

✔ You can create an unlimited number of webinar funnels with only a few clicks.

✔ It has an easy interface, suitable even for beginning marketers, and an accessible and growing help section.

✔ You can add your own branding.

✔ With the the “Chatrooms” add-on you can interact with viewers in real time! And even the basic version features “comment forwarding” so you can interact with the questioner via email.

✔ The platform is built for mobile devices, which, nowadays, is a must.

✔ And, super-important: You also get analytics you can use to tweak your content, so you can increase conversions!

There are many, many additional features. Too many to list here. In my opinion, if you’re looking to offer pre-recorded video content, WebinarKit is a solution you’ll love for its simplicity, functionality, and price.