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How do you show up on SERPs?

SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages are often the first places where people decide if they want to find out more about you or your business. What they find online matters.

Think of what happens when you meet someone of interest, or you hear about a business and want to learn more about it. If you’re like most people, you “google it”. (We know there are other search engines; while they do exists, for the purpose of this article we’ll talk about Google, because it is the #1 search engine on the worldwide web).

So you google the name of a person or business. What do you see?

If Chrome is your browser, then your SERP screen will have a number of results, with authority platforms featured on top, as well as relevant websites that will provide you with additional (albeit sometimes unrelated) information.

Since you are interested, you’ll click on a number of these listings to learn more about your target and – in the process compute and compare the content.

Wouldn’t you be confused, surprised, and reluctant to do business with your target entity, if the information you find is different, maybe even controversial, or unrelated to what you know about them?

For example, you just googled the financial advisor you’re considering engaging with… – until you find that last week he was the lead singer in a garage band hoping to make it big – and that was his full-time occupation. Would you entrust your money to this person? (And while you may be thinking this is an unrealistic example…; it happened!)

Consistency is Key

When you think about what people find online about you and your business, ask yourself if what they see engenders the trust they will need to engage with you and your business…

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