Harness the Power of Marketing Automation While Keeping the Personal Touch


Small business owners often do it all – and then some!  And sometimes we fail to stop and scrutinize how we could work more efficiently or have others do some work for us…

Well, if outsourcing isn’t an option, at least you can gain some advantage by automating outreach and nurturing the relationships you’ve created – and get back at least some of your life. That is what a marketing automation platform can do for you and so much more!

Save time. Work smarter, not harder! This short course on Active Campaign(R) will show you how!

We love Active Campaign(R), because it offers an unbelievable level of functionality at a low cost for starters! Unlike other subscription-based platforms, Active Campaign(R) offers a feature-rich plan that allows you to  build your lists, stay in touch and nurture the relationships that matter to your business. The feature we like the best is the visual workflow map.

This short course is designed to eliminate the overwhelm and deal with only the automation settings you really need. Easy-to-understand, step-by-step, visual instructions make learning the platform fun! Also included is access to our online community for feedback and exchange.

Business is about Relationships

Staying in touch with your prospective and current clients is key!
This short course will teach you how to:


… while also leveraging your time: You create communications once and dispatch them at times and in intervals that make most sense to you.


As you provide value to and engage with your prospects and clients, you continue to build that all important know-like-and-trust factor.


When you are regularly cultivating your relationships, you stay top of mind for when the opportunity arises to do business with or refer someone to you.


The analytics you get, allow you to engage more directly with your most interested audience members – enabling you to leverage your time even more effectively!

We get it!

Since we’re small business owners, too, we can appreciate that you’re pressed for time. That’s why we will only cover the stuff you actually need to get you going in no time!

What we’ll cover
  • Initial Setup
  • Sign-up Forms
  • Template Design
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Journey Design
Best of All
  • You decide your own schedule!
  • You start saving time immediately – and in the future!
  • You can have peace of mind that you’re in touch with your audience, and you’ll stay top-of-mind.

Start Leveraging Automation Today!