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Sylke Chesterfield gives the personalized coaching that every female executive can benefit from. From navigating a male-dominated company with long established dysfunctional patterns, to identifying with laser-focus on some areas I needed to work on myself, Sylke is that observational third party who can guide any female executive down a decisive path without being lost in the tendency to try to fix things. After just a short conversation, Sylke pinpointed important issues, gave specific recommendations, and was encouraging and empowering in all her suggestions. I highly recommend her.



Sylke is an effective communicator with secular, forward-thinking vision and a firm grasp of current branding techniques and technology trends. Upon our initial meeting, I recognized Sylke possesses the unique ability to read personalities beyond the surface. She posed probing questions that my close friends and family would never ask and intuitively identified my limiting beliefs, offering straightforward feedback and practical suggestions. Sylke’s objective coaching approach of active engagement and mindful accountability provided me clarity to discover my goals and to develop habits and the discipline to accomplish them. Her encouraging nature and insightful business acumen proved the right combination for Sylke to be my coach and an invaluable resource towards my achieving growth as a person and realizing professional success.



Structured, measured, with a methodical approach towards covering all the basic requirements in a way so that the project would not only stand up in the end, but also as to give myself thought – to things, avenues, and development, not obvious at first, but that gave me pause and ideas, as to where, what, when, and how, my idea might be best developed and deployed to fruition. She has a well-rounded thorough approach with a keen eye on the parameters and requirements for the final presentation. She was accessible and even visited when in town. She understood the importance of time – its necessity to fully create and complete the project and set appropriate deadlines and goals. Her efforts continued right through the final presentation at which she was present, and extend to this day. Any future [client of hers] would be most fortunate to have Ms. Chesterfield’s talents and expertise at their disposal.



Silka- I am so thankful to God that I was coached by you. You asked me to write out my goals on a big board and one of those goals was to do research in Early Education. I interviewed face to face with Senior Researchers today at The [Organization name withheld for confidentiality] in NYC and they offered me the job. I will be doing research that will examine children learning mathematics and using technology. There will be professional development to teachers and a great deal of collecting and analyzing data. The project will begin in January and should be completed in May which will keep me busy until the center opens.



Sylke and I have engaged on numerous projects and as a result she has recently provided me with professional coaching. Navigating the waters of entrepreneurship in a competitive environment while maintaining a household and your sanity can be a challenge. As a coach Sylke provides you with the tools and concepts to keep you focused and healthy. I urge you to engage Sylke when that voice inside says you need the help of an experienced coach.



Need a colleague when you haven’t got one? Someone to bounce that business idea with? Someone to help you think objectively, strategically and create deadlines? Sylke brings strong expertise, frank probing questions and a confident, friendly style into your office to keep you focused and help you reach the goals you want.


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