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Webinars on-demand – or recorded content that your audience gets to consume when they’re ready – makes both yours and their lives easier. And WebinarKit is just the right tool at just the right price to get it done. Besides the low cost (especially compared with other apps out there), some of the included features…
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The Holy Grail of Marketing

Let me ask you something: Do you click on online ads? I generally don’t. Do you feel you’re getting bombarded with advertising messages all day long. I do. Do you ignore them? I do, too! So let me ask you another question: What do you do when you get an email from someone you know…
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Considering Going “Virtual”?

It may be time to consider “going virtual” – that is offering your services via video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings… Whether “social distancing” during a pandemic, or just simply cutting down on mobilization…, if you are thinking about offering your services via video, I’d like to invite you to consider “Zoom”(note, this is a…
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How do you show up on SERPs?

SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages are often the first places where people decide if they want to find out more about you or your business. What they find online matters. Think of what happens when you meet someone of interest, or you hear about a business and want to learn more about it. If…
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Knowing Your Avatars Saves You Money and More

Have you heard the term “avatar”? No, it’s not about the 2009 movie; rather, in today’s tradigital (= traditional + digital) marketing environment, an avatar is a persona that represents your clients or those who could refer potential clients to you. And, if you’re in business, that is basically anybody you interact with: either the…
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