Sylke Chesterfield 

Business Success Coach

With a focus on implementing systems and streamlining processes, mastering mindsets and maximizing leverage, Sylke coaches decision-makers in the areas of strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, effective communications and behavioral change.

Her clients see their businesses grow and be more profitable, as they leverage their time and enjoy their lives more, and they report being more mindful, focused, and confident.

Sylke’s is uniquely positioned to work with small business owners. As one herself, she has lived through most of the challenges faced by solopreneurs: fluctuating revenue stream, changing external market forces, and the isolation and lack of work-life balance that is often associated with running your own business. 

An independent business consultant since 1995, Sylke has worked in various industries, including medical, engineering, legal, Government Relations, alternative energy, and has served both domestic and international clients.

Sylke attended SUNY Empire State College for International Business and was certified by the Coach Training Alliance through its ICF-accredited professional co-creative coach program in 2012.