Setting up and then creating a website… Nowadays, anyone could do it, as there are a host of platforms available that make it relatively easy… Easy does, however, not mean that it wouldn’t be time-consuming to get the site just the way you want it… Nor does it mean it’s the best use of your time.  If you already know that your time is better spent elsewhere – or you simply don’t have the inclination to set up and build a website yourself – we’d like to have you consider our website services:

Initial Setup

Setting up a website starts with obtaining a domain name, then selecting a hosting service, the level of encryption you want, as well as an appropriately sized plan for your e-mail addresses.

Hosting Transfer

If you already have an existing website, you may want to transfer it to a new hosting service. We can manage the transfer and communicate with your hosting services to ensure your interests are served. (We are also big believers in having you keep your assets in your control, instead of being held hostage by your another entity.)

Original Design

We work with you to have your vision become a reality. We work closely with you to ensure your web presence also benefits your business model. For example, if it is important that you receive calls from your website, we build that functionality in and make it easy for the site visitor to place that call.

Website Review

It is worth reviewing the contents of your website every so often. Do you need to update the information? Could you tweak SEO-related components? Do you want to adjust some layout for ease of navigation? Maybe change the tone in which you communicate with your audience? Our independent review will provide you with a list of improvements you can make, based on the message you want to convey and the audience you want to attract.

Website Tweaks

If you decide you would like us to make those improvements to your site, we can facilitate that for you.

Website Redesign

This is the right approach when you want to keep the content of your site largely the same, and only update its design. A fresher look and appropriate functionality keeps your business relevant. Is your site mobile-ready? Can your site visitor call you or access directions to your location – with their thumb?

On-Site SEO

The level of SEO – or search engine optimization – we provide is ideal for businesses that rely on relationships: your clients find you by searching for your name or the name of your business, because they have heard of you or been referred to you. (For more technical SEO, which is appropriate if you want to advertise, for example, we work with reliable service providers to get you setup with the right products.)

Site Management

WordPress is the platform we recommend (and for good reason). The respective creators regularly update the platform’s core and the various plug-ins. While this provides your site better security, it also means your site must be regularly attended to.

Site Management Instructions

When you want to manage your site in-house, we provide you or your staff with instructions on how to do so confidently. Our instructional sessions are provided on-site or via the internet.

What Differentiates Our Website Services

When you work with us, you can be assured that we

  • are accessible: we respond to our clients 24/7.
  • are available: when timely attention is key, we offer a fast turn-around.
  • speak a language that our non-technical clients can understand.
  • can debunk the myths around website-related confusion.
  • don’t recommend services you don’t need.

Website services are a dime a dozen, but they are not all created equal. We take pride in being focused on our clients needs.