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Tradigital = Traditional + Digital

Tradigital is the way businesses must market today.  Combining traditional means with digital efforts allows you to leverage your time.

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tradigial marketing tips for local service providers

Tradigital Marketing Tips for Local Service Providers

No doubt, you’ve been noticing big brands doing this for a while now… In TV commercials and print advertising they ask consumers to “like us on Facebook.” Or their brochures invite clients to “connect with us on LinkedIn.” The reasons for these requests are simple:  Their ideal customers will self-select […]

How To Prevent Computer Infections

Computer infections. Who needs them?! If you’ve ever contracted a computer virus, you know how it can seriously ruin your day (or week, or more). It’s easily done, and it happens in an instant: sites you visit, links you click on, files you download; they can all carry viruses. It […]

how to prevent computer viruses

SERP rankings are based on online activities

If You Act, You’ll Rank

That’s right:  If you act, you’ll rank. We’re talking about ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), of course.  As a business owner, this is important to you, because you want your business to be found online. And, while it goes without saying that you must have a website, profiles […]

Productivity Tool – MightyText (Android)

We live in a mobile world, and we communicate on mobile devices more than we ever did before. Texting has become a primary way to actually give and get responses… Have you noticed? You are more inclined to react when you receive a text than an e-mail, right? Since we […]

Text messages are a great way to stay in touch with clients

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