Are you a professional who provides a service?

Have you been thinking that “you need to do more on social media”?

Are you frustrated because you haven’t got started, yet?

Then you already know that social media is a way to leverage your time, build your brand, attract new leads, and nurture existing relationships.  Imagine, now you can finally get started – without the clutter and overwhelm.

We have a workshop for you!  Really, a workshop series.  Because it has three sessions, and here is why:  Have you ever been to a one-day workshop that was supposed to change something fundamentally for you?  You learned a lot that day, and you were all psyched up and ready to go when the workshop was done..  Right?!  And then …  nothing changed. You were busy, and life got in the way.  So you kept on going the way you always have…  We’ve all done that.

That’s why this experience is divided into three sessions.  This format will allow you to learn new information and implement what you’ve learned before moving on to the next step.  You’ll also complete preparatory work for the next session, so you can move forward at a pace that is doable.

Makes sense, right?

The workshops are hands-on, with exercises during our sessions, assignments between sessions, worksheets, cheat sheets, blue prints…, all designed to allow you to take the next step with confidence.

Here is what we will cover:

Session #1 – Getting ready:

  • Who is your real audience?
  • What is the pain you solve.  What is the solution you offer?
  • Where do your prospects hang out?
  • Setting up your profile(s).

Session #2 – Communicating and connecting:

  • What are you really selling?
  • Keywords:  which ones and how to use them.
  • What content to post and where to find it.
  • When and how often to post.

Session #3 – It’s all about engaging, and here is how:

  • The fastest ways to grow your audience.
  • What’s the difference between the various levels of engagement?
  • How can you take a contact from lead to client?

This is a hands-on, interactive workshop series.

  • Sessions conducted in an online classroom setting (with live conversation).
  • Limited to 6 participants per session (to allow adequate time for Q&A and interactive learning).
  • Scheduled on 3 consecutive Saturday mornings at 10 AM Eastern.
  • Homework assignments to be completed between sessions.
  • Online support community.
  • Bonus Materials:  Worksheets, cheat sheets and blue prints.

Best of all, your investment is only $129.  Cool, right?

This workshop series is for you, if you

  • provide a service
  • keep saying, “I’ve got to do more on social medial”
  • know that you want to get started now, so you can build your online presence, attract new leads and nurture existing relationships, all while leveraging your time.

The next workshop starts Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 10 AM.  Seats are limited!  Don’t miss out.  Sign up today.


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