If you want to get your social media groove on, we have a workshop for you:

This is a hands-on, interactive workshop series.

  • Online and interactive, with plenty of time for Q&A
  • 3 sessions, scheduled a week apart, approx. 2 hours each
  • assignments to be completed between sessions.
  • online support community
  • Bonus Materials:  worksheets, cheat sheets, blue prints


1. Getting ready:

    • Who is your real audience?
    • What is the pain you solve.  What is the solution you offer?
    • Where do your prospects hang out?
    • Setting up your profile(s).

2. Communicating and connecting:

    • What are you really selling?
    • Keywords:  which ones and how to use them.
    • What content to post and where to find it.
    • When and how often to post.

3. It’s all about engaging, and here is how:

    • The fastest ways to grow your audience.
    • What’s the difference between the various levels of engagement?
    • How can you take a contact from lead to client?

This workshop series is for business owners who want to do their own social media marketing.  It’s also for those that keep saying “I’ve got to do more on social media”, but who haven’t got started (for whatever reason).  So, if you’ve been thinking about building your online presence so you can

  • Build your audience and brand
  • Increase search engine ranking
  • Reduce your marketing expenses
  • Attract new leads
  • Nurture existing relationships

… then this workshop series will give you the tools and confidence to use social media to leverage your time and grow your business.

Best of all, your investment for all 3 classes is only $129.

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