Our marketing courses are for you if you want to…

  • get started on social media
  • effectively combine your online and offline marketing efforts
  • learn what others are doing that works
  • participate in groups or get individual attention to grow your business

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.
– Seth Godin


We are all marketers. But we are probably at different stages of the game and thus have different needs. That’s why we offer different options that allow you to get started or keep going, find temporary or ongoing support.  We also know that sometimes it’s more convenient to participate remotely, whereas some of us enjoy being in an on-site group setting. And, some of us prefer one-on-one personal attention.

Check out our offering for marketing courses below, and see what best suits your needs.

Digital Marketing

Get Going

Are you at the beginning?  You know you need to do more on social media, but haven’t got started, yet…

When you’re ready to start leveraging your time through social media, then consider participating in one of our Social Media Teleclasses or a Social Media Workshop. Both consist of three sessions and are live formats.  The teleclass is online, and the workshop is in a classroom setting. Both are designed to provide you with the know-how and skills to confidently move forward with your social media activities, implement what you learned between sessions, and get feedback on your efforts.  Request more details.

Keep Going

If you are already set-up on the platforms that best suit your business needs, but you are looking to really dive into doing more, then this DIY Social Media Management Club is for you.  This is a rotating group of other DIY’ers. Participants meet by conference call bi-weekly and stay in touch via a private Facebook Group between sessions. We keep each other inspired, provide guidance and feedback, talk about what’s new and what works. Get more details about the DIY Social Media Management Club.

Tra♦digital Marketing

Marketers Mastermind

This group meets via conference call every other week.  We discuss issues that come up for all of us, as we seek to attract new clients and engage our existing ones. The lively sessions focus on topics of interest to the group: networking, public speaking, writing, digital marketing and other business-building efforts. Members bring their questions and ideas, and provide feedback and tips to others. Request more details about the Tradigital Marketers Mastermind.

Business Growth Coaching

This is for small business owners who wish to have individualized attention.  Seasoned business owners often reach out to us to bring an outsider perspective to their approach and help them reinvigorate their business building efforts.

If you know you will benefit from

  • input from an experienced outsider,
  • gaining clarity,
  • staying focused
  • unbiased feedback
  • outside support
  • being held accountable
  • reaching your goals

Then this is for you!  Our Business Growth Coaching is for professionals who want a one-on-one engagement that is focused entirely on how to grow their business with a systematic approach. Request more details about Business Growth Coaching.

You can also simply call us to discuss your business growth needs:  (518) 632-4530