Sylke Chesterfield

Sylke “Silka” Chesterfield

Hi, and thank you for stopping by to learn a bit more about my story.

Since 1995, I have been helped businesses grow by providing consulting services focused on marketing, business development, systems improvement and process streamlining.  The one area where I have seen most of my clients struggle is marketing, which is why it has become a primary focus area for me.

Marketing, of course, it a vital part of any business. And nowadays, it’s tra-digital marketing – the combination of traditional and digital marketing efforts. This approach embraces the new way we communicate online and in social media, where we can attract our audience, build and nurture relationships, and raise the profile of the services we provide.  Employing effective traditional means of connecting with our prospects is where we can differentiate ourselves even further.

When I work with a client, I use a systematic approach.  It starts with assessing what has worked in the past. Then we work to gain clarity of objectives, and create a plan to reach them in a sustainable way.  The ultimate action plan may reflect a combination of helping the client and/or her staff implement effective marketing strategies or our done-for-you services (which allows our clients to concentrate on the activities they enjoy most, while we manage marketing efforts for them).  Either way, their business grows.

With an appreciation of the challenges of running a business, I also wanted to be able to help my clients with support, feedback, encouragement and accountability, so they could overcome the stumbling blocks busy professionals encounter in business and life. That is why I became a certified coach in 2012. My clients appreciate this co-creative approach and the accountability it provides for them to get things done.

Whether you are interested in our tradigital marketing services or coaching for business professionals – or a combination of both – the first step for us is to have a phone conversation to decide if there is a fit.  Simply call me at 518-632-4530 today.