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and you're ready to implement the change 
you and your business need to thrive...

Harness Unlimited Possibilities

Imagine what your life would be like …

if your business were how you imagined it could be

What would it look like? What would be the best part about it? Why?

What would need to change to make this vision a reality? What stands in your way? What is stopping you from having your goals? And, what impact are these challenges having in other areas of your business and life? If you could turn all of these challenges around and easily move toward your goals, what would that do for you? And what would be the best part about that? Why? These are just some of the questions we explore as we co-create a plan to get your business where you want it to be. And then we support you as you implement the changes necessary to make it a reality, because…  

Change is hard, and often impossible…

We have good intentions and vow to implement new processes, systems, behaviors or mindsets, but then… we get side-tracked… Life happens and nothing ever changes. We become frustrated, deflated and get stuck. Our outlook suffers, so does our business, ourselves and those around us.

But change is possible. Yes, it requires you to do things differently, but it is possible when you are working in a setting that is designed to support you, provide feedback when you need it, and hold you accountable. You can reach your goals! Join the ranks of the doers.   GET STARTED TODAY

Here are a few things we’re great at helping you do

and these might just be what you need to succeed, too!






Learn and Implement


When you learn together with others – in a live, yet virtual environment – you have the benefits of feedback, support and accountability that will allow you to finally move your business forward.

Share and Accelerate


When you are tired of the isolation that is inherent in being a solopreneur, join one of our masterminds where you and others brainstorm on the issues facing all business owners and learn about best practices.

Partner and Co-create

Individual Coaching

When you know you’d like to the personal attention, a one-on-one arrangment is what you need to reach your goals.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our clients say:

Sylke challenges me to think differently; asks questions that change my perspective; and provides actionable suggestions – some big, some small – that have helped me grow my business. She’s a great catalyst for improvement, and has a tremendous understanding of entrepreneurship.

William D.


Sylke was able to quickly assess my skills and hone in on some of my inefficiencies. […] She opened my mind to daily communication with all employees and guided me through multiple upper management meetings with strategic communication and listening skills. Sylke helped me rise to the occasion and communicate effectively. I found her technique to be informative and useful. She was able to guide me and teach me an effective communication style that aligns with my management technique. She has added value to my communication style and ultimately my team’s effectiveness to succeed.

Robert B.

General Manager

Silka Chesterfield guided me through the most difficult professional decision I have made in my career. Her probing style challenged my deepest fears. The ‘homework’ she assigned allowed me to breakdown the issues that were clogging my decision. In the end, with Silka’s patience and objectivity, I was able to planfully resign my position and pursue an alternate career. I will be forever grateful to Silka for helping me work through my fears and free me to follow a dream.

Loretta K.

These testimonials are just a random sample from individuals who chose to do the right thing for themselves and their businesses.

How about you? What are you waiting for? If not today, when would be a better time to get started? Will you choose to delay AGAIN? Or will you choose to straighten the course, envision the business you want to have, and set the steps in motion to make it a reality. It is infinitely EASIER AND ALL POSSIBLE when you have the support you need to get it done.